Girls, Is it healthy?

My wife just passed away.
I need people to fill the void. She is, literally both physically and metaphorically, my everything.
She is my only friend. She is my only family. Now that she is dead, I have nobody.

Is it wrong to use dating sites to find new friends? I am not looking for anything sexual.
I just need to fill the empty space in my life. Sitting in my apartment alone is not healthy.
Jesus, at this point a hug would be a miracle.


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  • I'm so sorry. Yes, it's OK to reach out but also remember to give yourself time to grieve. Seek out people anywhere online who are willing to listen but also maybe get out of the house now and then and go to survivor support groups or find a local class or hobby group to join. Take it easy and remember she would want you to be happy. Miss her. Celebrate her life. Then find yourself again.

    • A comprehensive answer. Thank you.
      I have just been looking for companionship, but everybody thinks I want sex.
      Trust me, thats the furthest thing from my mind. I just need friends and shit.
      Thank you very much for the advice.

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  • It's normal to feel like you need to fill the void. I think it's healthy if you're upfront about your needs and limitations. Many dating sites have options for "what you're looking for." Honestly, you should definitely look into support groups as well. Find people who have gone through, or are going through similar situations.

  • I am so sorry... I can only imagine how much pain you go through... Yes, it is definitely normal! Good for you.

  • No it’s not healthy


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