I did the right thing right?

Last year things happened and my big brother and his wife ended up hating me. Last month I got sick of not having my big brother to talk to, not being able to see my dad if he was there, and not being able to see my brothers daughter. So I wrote them a letter and wrote to them on facebook and myspace, telling them that I am sorry and I miss talking to them, and I know things will never be the same as they were but I wanted to fix things at least some what, and gave them my number . Well my brother finally texted me last week and asked me how things were going, his wife texted me last night and acted like nothing ever happened, and like we've been friends this entire time. I know what I did might not have been the best answer and I didn't really think about it at the time, but what he did is what caused me to do what I did. In away I think it's only fair, but I wish I never done it. I never thought I would need my big brothers help with some of my issues but I ended up needing his help and not having it... I just want to know how many people think I did the right thing by being the stronger person by making the first move to fix things? I know I could have handled things differently but I made a mistake, in some peoples eyes I did the right thing, but the right thing for one person isn't always right for another. In my case the right thing turned out to be the biggest mistake I have made so far and I have made a lot of big mistakes. I ended up paying for the mistake I made and now I want to fix things with my brother, because I now understand I might need him someday and might not have him.

I went and stayed a few nights with my brother his wife and daughter. Things are going good between us right now.


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  • well when things smooths down after some time has passed and your are good terms again. then have a talk with your brother of what you didn't like and don't get mad talk productively then.

  • Well based on some of your other posts I would've just never talked to him again, but w/e. It's not about me. If you wanted to mend your relationship with your brother you've done the right thing.

    • I love my brother but I hate him because of what he did to me but the more I try to hate him the worse I feel about myself. I hated hating me because of what he was doing to me. But sometimes I just need my big brother. All of my step brothers are way older than me and don't give a sh*t. Plus I wanna be able to see his baby girl befor I can't fix things and not see her

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