Is it okay to send my ex girlfriend a happy birthday text?

Before you guys answer let me explain something. We dated for 10 months, within that time we were really close I did a lot of things for her, I was really there for when she needed me. However the break-up was not mutual, she suddenly without fight or anything stopped picking my calls. Like everything was fine and the next day she started acting like she didn't even know me. She even lied to me and left the country to study abroad without even saying goodbye I had find out from our mutual friend that she left. The whole thing was really shocking and heartbreaking for me because I never thought she would do that to me after all that we shared together. But now I'm over it after a long thought I realized my relationship to her and hers to me was totally different. And no I'm not trying to get her back, in fact I don't even want her back as a romantic partner. Sending her a happy birthday text is just to show her despite what she did to me I still care for her and wish her well, I don't expect her to respond or anything. I still haven't made up my mind about sending the text, what do you guys think?


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  • I'm sorry you had to go through that. But I think you should not send her a message. She made it clear she doesn't want anything to do with you, in a very coward style way, but she showed you through her last actions. You should let her go and move on. That includes no birthday messages or such things either. Go on with your life. You're not over it because you're asking on gag questions about it and even what to text. I understand, it's difficult and it needs time but for your own well being just don't do it. It's pointless and you should move on after what she did.

    • Maybe you're right I shouldn't do it. I guess maybe deep down I want her to explain why she did that to me after everything that happened between us, at least that would give me some closure.

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  • It all depends how you guys look at each other and how you guys ended up the relationship... if you guys still have friendly behavior towards each other then yeah, it's ok.. but if you ended up with lots of bitter memories then nah.. sometimes it's ok to ignore some people.. cheers

    • Honestly it end well, and we haven't contacted each other since the break up which is about 3 months now.

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  • I think that she wouldn't even give a **** if you send her a message. Like you said, she started ignoring you and worse. I wouldn't waste my energy on her.


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