boyfriend third time gone hot n cold and now he wants me back?

I’ve been dating this guy (39) for 7 months now. We’ve now broken up 3 times and each time he says it’s because he doesn’t want a commitment but everyone after a couple weeks he comes running back saying he wants to marry me and I’m his love of his life. I heard guys do this but now it’s been the third time and basically I’m done. I’ve enjoyed 3 weeks of being single. Yes, I still care but I’m done being hurt. He has been begging me back and swears it will be different this time and he wants me and wants to settle down with me. Should I give him another shot or move on and wish him the best? Also, does he do this?


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  • I think you should move on. Couldn't afford breakup for the fourth time.


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  • Move on, if you guys end up hitting it off in a few years, sure, but nah it's not worth you time


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  • Move on. You've given him chances.


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