Should I break up with her?

I am in complicated position with my girl if still mine , we had a problems between us for weeks and both of us take a less talking and ignoring way then we tried to fix it and I told her that I will change to better she should too and we decides to still together but nothing changed she keep in ignoring while I see her online and talking to other friends guys and keep on same cold treatment doesn't tell me anything about herself or try to open any conversation, that mean she totally doesn't care about me anymore or lost her respect? I am so close to broke up with her but try to catch any excuse because it's hard step for me..


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  • Ask yourself this. Are you happy? Is this how you expect to be treated in a relationship? If the answer is no, which it certainly seems to be, then you should break up. You have tried communicating and nothing has changed. People don't really change, and if they do it normally takes time for these things to happen. If you are feeling unloved and neglected then it is time to leave and to work on yourself, and then someone who can give you the attention and affection you seek will come around and you will be happier.

    • No I am not happy at all , always she make me feel bad about myself it's my wrong always and I should give and care but back for me nothing or less more than I give, and all the reason of her side? distance.. and she who choose that from first to be in relationship with distance and told me she doesn't care about distance , now I am the bad one.

    • Then leave, it is better to be alone and get over a relationship than be miserable within a relationship. At least while you are single you can focus and do the things that you want to do that make you happy. Once you are happy again, you can then go out and look for someone who will make you happy and who you want to be happy with in equal amounts

    • Yea... Thanks for your advice

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  • Break up bro
    Life is too short to be spending it with the wrong person. ur giving an effort to make the relationship work while she is careless then u deserve someone way better.
    Wish ya da best


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  • You should never expect people to change for you, if you can do better dump her and get something better.

  • Could be worse, she could make an effort to deceive you and make you blind to it all


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