I can't move on from the fact that it seems like she doesn't care about me at all anymore. Girls, Is there any hope?

I have been in a relationship with a girl since we were both 15, it lasted for 8 and a half years. Strong connection, first love, first everything. She was at my home 4 times a week for the last 7 years, you get it. Two months before the actual breakup, I wanted to breakup because I felt that it wasn't healthy anymore, we were arguing, we weren't happy, she become very possesive, searching my browser history, my phone etc. I started noticing other women, something that I never done before, one girl in particular. My ex was following me, crying her heart out, and because of my love for her I decided to stay. Couple of months later, she breaks up with me. I was ok with it, because I thought that we're gonna see each other from time to time. And it was like that. Two months after, she messages me she wants me back, she is sure that we're meant to me together, she says she can't even touch another guy etc. I said that we broke up for a reason and that I think we shouldn't be together for now. A month after that she tells me we'll be together after two, three years, a month later I found out she is with a guy who was chasing her for 5 years while we were together, a month after that she unfollows me on Instagram, I flip out and she blocks my calls and messages. I found out she was seeing that guy since she broke up with me. I should also say that we had sex couple of times since our breakup until she blocked me. It's been 6 months of NC, friends tell me she is very active on IG, posting pictures of the two of them, they were already on vacation and took couple of trips together, she seems genuinely happy. She is writing captions he's her world, she wanted a guy exactly like him etc. I think she is acting very immature and I think she is rebounding and boosting her ego because I know she had low self confidence. I should also mention she didn't unfriend me and my family on Facebook, she also posts pictures on FB and everyone can see them, except for me and my family.


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  • Any hope for what?


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