Is this guy worth my time? Why does he act this way?

so me and this guy really like each other and he has told me so last night we were going to hang out at a fair when he got off work but he never told me he was there so I ended up sitting alone by one of the buildings I even asked him to tell me wen he got there and he didn't he called my after I left he was like I was there wen you were so I asked y he didn't tell me and all he said was I don't know and so I was like OK and then he told me that he didn't tell me he was there because he saw one of his ex gfs with another guy and got really mad and another reason is that he almost got in a fight and he don't really even kno y so he ended up breaking all his knuckles in his hand I just don't know if this guy is worth my time or not cause I'm willing to help him with his anger problem cause he doesn't really have a problem anymore but I just don't know what to do anymore

so this morning he texted me and was acting like nothing happened last night like he never hurt my feelings or anything I didn't really respond because I don't want to act like nothing happened


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  • Forget about him. He is more trouble then he's worth. Getting into fights? He sounds immature, you don't need to bring that sort of drama into your life. As for the ex, so what if he saw her with another guy. He asked YOU to go with him, he shouldn't even be dating if he isn't over his ex. He completely stood you up, then couldn't even give you a valid reason. Forget about him.

  • If he really did want to see you and spend time with you at the fair, he should have. I would have asked him why he didn't just let his ex see the two of you together and forget about the ex. If he really likes you, then he would have not even bothered with his ex, and gave all his attention to you. If he cares for you and wants to be with you nothing or no one should come between the two of you.


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