Breaking up with your best friend?

I’ve met this girl 2 years ago we dated but it didn’t work. Now 3 months ago she told me she wasn’t in the right place before but now she wants to start dating and be boyfriend and girlfriend.
We are very good friends, and there are so many things we’re planning to do and I love that.
But I can’t help thinking that we should have never started dating. She has so many rules, things she doesn’t like (like cuddling or me looking at her, just because I find her beautiful), and we argue once in a while, and of course, I’m always in the wrong.
For my bday she planned this trip to Portland with some of her friends. If I break up now they’ll probably go without me anyways, but I’ll miss this awesome week end, but is it fair to go if I want to leave her? And what will happen to our friendship?


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  • I would say wait till the trip as it seems very fun but if it annoys you too much then break up. She seems very into the friendship and if you don't feel comfortable with her rules and all then tell her or just break up.
    It seems like you want to keep the friendship but she might not if you break up

    • And I’m very scared of losing her friendship... I’m in a pretty complicated position.

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