Mediating a Messy Break-Up?

Hey guys, two of my best friends have just ended a relationship with each other (which was a perfect match made-in-heaven to most people) and I’m with the boyfriend talking it through.
I’ve told him honestly (as we have that relationship) that he is making the biggest mistake ever cause they are both madly in love with each other. I won’t go into why they broke up cause that isn’t really too important... the main thing is that he has asked me to mediate for him and to buy the girlfriend a bottle of wine (as I am seeing her tomorrow) from him. Obviously, she is very upset and I don’t want to worsen relationships but I also can’t stand here and watch my two friends burn the bridge they have together. What can I do? (Only real honest responses please)


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  • I think I'm too late...

    • I haven’t given her the wine yet. Seeing her tomorrow - what are your thoughts?

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    • Tricky, when you find the right one you find the right one it isn't quite when you want or expect it, nor how, but when blessed with the right take it because some people haven't, and have a lifetime in regret, others a few lucky dogs managed to get the girl back, but one person I have ever heard has passed an opportunity like this and not regerted it from the rest of there lives, a lot of people think it's over and they have to settle down, just because being in a relationship has restrictions, the benefits are 2 fold, having fun as a couple as I have seen far surpasses that which a single person can have, so long as bolth sides are committed they can do anything, sure they can't go around with having sex with random people, but most people regret that anyway, so do what you can convince them if you can, but nothing is ever two far gone, they just have to be willing.

    • I should have proof read that..

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