Girls! How do you act when want you a guy to back off and how when you are just afraid to be around him?

This question looks exactly like some anonymous girl asked lol. I though it was a pretty good question and I would love to know the other side of the coin. I would like to see girls in this case. Thanks.

I have had a lot of problems with this, so I really want to know how to tell.


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  • When I want a guy to back off, I smile as minimally as possible and like when texting or messaging, use short messages and then say quickly "gtg see ya" or something generic like that. If I'm afraid to be around him, I will avoid eye contact, and reluctantly start a convo, but when he starts it, I would be as smiley and nice as I could lol. however, if I wanted a guy to back off and he initiated convo, I'd smile curtly, try not to carry on the convo too much so as not to be misleading, and then continue what I was doing.


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