Help! I'm running out of things to talk about!

So my ex and I have been in contact since we broke up year ago. Things are going good, we talk everyday, but sometimes I feel like I'm too quiet, I'm running out of things to talk about. What are good things to talk about with a guy?


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  • well first of all why are you talking to your ex in the first place? if you say its because you want to be friends again, then its gonna be harder when you try and get a new Boyfriend because your still attached to your ex which is a turn off for guys.what you should really be asking yourself is what I should talk about with a new guy.

  • imo when you are truly comfortable and want to be around someone, you never run out of things to talk about, no matter how small, stupid or irrelevant it is to anything lol. when I go out on these dates with this girl I like right now, we end up talking for hours and there is never a silent moment, the talking just keeps on flowing. maybe since you guys dated for a while and now are trying to talk again its awkward or you've run out of crap to talk about, I don't know.


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