I Really Miss My Ex?

It’s embarrassing. We only dated for about three months, and it’s been eight months since. He probably doesn’t think about me at all at this point, so he sure as hell probably doesn’t still have feelings for me like I do for him. That really depresses me. He brought up breaking up because he was moving a city over for college and I sort of went a little crazy, and I feel like that just pushed him more. My best friend had died about two weeks prior, and this just wasn’t a good time for me. I would freak out on him and others randomly, I just didn’t know how to cope, so I believe I really caused the breakup because of how unstable I was. Anyhow, I really did love him. What we had was really odd; we connected the instant we started talking to each other. I’ve never had anyone able to understand me so quickly. He loved all the things I thought to be embarrassing about myself, and he made me so damn happy. We had such strong feelings for each other, and we didn’t even have to talk about it. We just knew, and it just casually happened. I don’t even know how to explain it, but it was magical. I wish I would have fought for him more. He understood me like no one else ever had, and he understood and didn’t run when he learned about my past (abuse, family issues, etc.), in fact he made me realize that my past made me the strong person I am today. But obviously not strong enough, because I haven’t thought about him in months. And now, all of a sudden, I miss him more than ever. Why is this happening to me? There’s nothing I can do, because I know he wouldn’t feel the same since he’s the one who basically ended things. I never knew I could miss someone so much.
Also, I have been with other guys after him. I’ve talked to other guys, made out with other guys, but none of them even came close to the way he made me feel.


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  • Trying to act like someone wasn’t a great part of your life that made you feel special or happy never did anyone any good.

    It may not be set and done just yet. You feel this strongly about the situation an this guy... take a chance and reach out. You never know. And I truly mean that.

    I missed an ex this bad once and it was 3yrs later and I got her back. It didn’t work out completely but I was glad I took the chance lol.

    Good luck with your heart and situation


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  • Hi girl firts sorry for my bad English I hope u can understand. Well 1 don't feel embarrassing for that is normally u still loving he and maybe he's too
    U and him in a little time living so much thinks together so that is long history for me not depends the years depends how work the relation him helped u and u are happy with him u not think never if he's feel the same u? When u and he's had that relation for me is one good love is magical me too miss one guy important but. U had one relation with him and me not with this guy. So u never talk with he's?


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  • There are so many more people in this world. Jump in the frey & get back on your bicycle your next kiss you will be delighted and wonder how you got so sad

  • Because you are in space...
    That’s why


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  • I understand. This has has happened to me!!! Months went by where I didn't think about him and out of nowhere I just started missing him even more. Look, if he couldn't handle you at your worst, then he definitely doesn't deserve to have you at your best.

    • Also, don't give him that satisfaction of you being hurt!!! Don't have him there thinking "Look at this stupid girl still crying over me lol I must be the shit" Hell no! Move on! Moving on and doing better is the best revenge! Do something for yourself! Work out, by new clothes, get a new hair do! Something!! You're a strong bad ass bitch! If he didn't want you that's his loss!

    • Something guys hurt a lot. That happend to me. He's never my boyfriend but him flirt with me me think he's good guy always respect me and very kind me dont want accept me feel more for him bc. I have in one time very depressed so me think he's not for me but talk with he's are great some day he's tell me if one day not find one couple one and other can be together me say him yes but he's just are how try hurt me dont Know for what. One day one girl send me one message asking if me and this guy had someone me say no for nothing. But me feel rare bc he's always ask if me talk with others guys. And. Me never ask him so me ask him and he's read. And don't send nothing After 3 days he answered yes. she and you are talking for a while and we got serious. I said ok why did you never say anything? He said why I was a little busy. so I understood many things he had been good with me just to revenge what happened his ex had been unfaithful to he

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