Why won't he lie to me so I can let him go?

We met when he was in town for summer, we decided to continue our relationship in long distance. It was going well in the beginning even though the long distance thing was rough, until I found out that he was married once. He was opened and honest about his past, but I was the one who still couldn't get over that fact. We started having rough times at communicating and trust, my depression was coming back, stress level was high from school and life, my mood changed constantly... I ended thing with him due to misunderstanding from social media. I've realized that it was stupid of me, I've tried to apologize and asked him for us another chance. He's been hurt many many times in the past, he won't go back to decision, all his exes kept hurting him after chances, so he refuses to continue any long distance but he is still here to support me to get help for my mental illness. It's really hard for me to accept that it's over between us, I asked him to just tell me that he doesn't have any feeling for me, and being with me is miserable... he won't say any of that, he said he really likes me, he never stopped caring for me, supporting me, and working hard to communicate with me, but he's done, he's detached himself emotionally and mentally. I don't know what to do, it hurts to see him distant himself like that, and it's so painful that I was the reason behind. I have tried to tell him I've learned my lesson and I'm getting help... Is there any good advice out there for me? I'm trying to give him sometimes alone, and myself as well. However I'm so scared that we have no chances getting back together, do you think he still wants me back? Do I have hope? because right now, I feel hopeless for our relationship, it's driving crazy


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  • You're too far gone. He's made his position clear and your advances are going to push him further away or pressure him into a situation he might not be comfortable with. You're going to have to let this one go

  • You done fucked up. That's relationship is toast.

    • then why won't he say he doesn't want to me be with anymore? he said thing will be easier if he is closer to me

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