Does this make me a horrible person?

I am considering breaking up with my
And he told me he loves me
Honestly I am not one of those girls who believes every time a guy says I love you
But what if he does
I’m not heartless and this would be the first time I broke up with a guy especially after the big L word being used
How bad am I?


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  • No. Just because someone says they love you doesn't mean you're obligated to be with them. If you aren't happy and don't see the relationship going anywhere then break up.


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  • How long have you been dating? That's really the biggest factor. Guys love fast but women love hard. By this I mean men become attached quickly but can fade where as women take time but have a hard time letting go once they've become attached

    • We have technically been dating a couple months been friends for half a year before we got together
      He said he loved me before we got together

    • We he didn’t tell me he loved until we were together but he said he had loved me since before we were dating

    • It's fake love. Like I said men love quick but it will most likely die off.

  • Wait... you're dumping him for saying he loves you? Yeah, that's kinda... unsavory. But... I can't stop you.

    • No that’s not the reason
      We have had some other issues and I want to break up but because he loves me I feel guilty about doing so

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    • Well, then it just isn't meant to be. I don't really think you can or should force yourself to stay with someone just to avoid hurting them.

    • I agree but I will give it two more weeks than if we cannot figure things out than I guess I’ll do what I have to do

  • You think guys just toss that word around? Pssshh.. xP

    • Some do

    • Especially if they want sex

    • Not all do I’m aware
      It’s just hard to know when to actually believe it

  • It's pretty normal thing, don't think too much!!!

    If you want to move on, just go for it!!


What Girls Said 1

  • It’s okay if you’re scared of commitment you’re under 18 so I presume you’re really young or my age lol. I’d talk to him and tell him how you feel, communication is key in ANYTHING🗣. let him know what you’re thinking and why! 😊

    • That is not y I want to break up
      It’s just I feel guilty about it
      I don’t want to break his heart

    • We have had some issues that is y

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