What Went Wrong?

My boyfriend of ten months just broke up with me. He stated the reason why is he feels like we should be friends versus gf/bf. When I asked him why he felt that way, he did not give me an explanation. I'm completely shocked because this came out of nowhere. We haven't argued in three months, we spoke everyday, and we were just sending each other kissy faces/cheeky pictures on Tuesday. I told him that I understand and will respect his choice, but that I did not want to continue any relationship - friendship or romantic with him since I need to move on. This isn't the first time we broke up. The first time we broke up was during the summer and he broke up with me saying that he not in the right place to give me what I need as his girlfriend, but then he retracted his statement and asked me to give him a second chance and I did. And now he is doing it all over again! I just feel stupid and shocked! Part of me is wondering if he broke up with me because I asked him about possibly meeting my parents. Part of me is wondering if this is just him being indecisive because that is one of his key personality traits. Part of me is wondering if this is because of the long distance. I'm just at a lost for words. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :).
My ex text me over the weekend to "check on me" even though after the breakup I told him I wanted space to sort out my feelings. He just wanted to know how I was doing and I told him I was doing great, which is the truth. However, the 25% of me thats not over him is thinking that maybe he is still interested or still has me on his mind. I don't know if he really cares how i'm doing or if he just wanted to probe.


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  • I think you should contact him sooner than later and clearly state and talk calmly to him about what you'd like to see from him. You old is he?

    • He is 23. When we spoke, I wasn't screaming at him. I just told him that I respect his wishes and I wished him good luck in the future. I don't know what is left to say when he has clearly stated where he stands/ how he feels.

    • Very true, I'm going through the Sam but I'm 28

    • I'm so sorry because I know how much it hurts. However, I think we will both be fine eventually. I was happy before I met him, therefore I will be happy after.

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  • It sounds like he’s playing with your feelings honestly 🤷‍♀️ like he couldn’t even give u a reason why he’s breaking up with u.. so if I were u.. I would just block his number and social media accounts and move tf on... it’s more fine ass men in the world girl

    • Yes girl, that is exactly what I did! But I know that it will take me a while to officially get over him because he was the first guy I ever slept with. That's what makes this breakup so hard for me.

    • Yess I know where u coming from but just go around and do things to keep your mind off of it and soon after you’ll start caring less and less about him... good luck love !

    • Thank you!

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