What do you think about open relationship?

I think open relationship are better. There are no problem if we have sex with other person unless emotion is involved. Yeah, we should talk openly about this to our partners.


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  • sign me up for an open relationship, I'm not married I want to have fun and explore things



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  • I like 100% commitment and no sharing in my relationships.

    • Why? Love is most important n love n sex are different things

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    • I see it as just open cheating, but if it works for you and whoever you're with then I guess it's fine. I want no parts of it.

    • Yeah. Everybody have their own view on sexuality

  • since my divorce in January, i tell everyone i agree to date i only have open relationships with people

    • Open relationship is better than being cheaten in a committed relationship.. right

    • absolutely true because i date three guys and one girl presently. honesty is the best way to enjoy life

    • That's nice. i date one girl only but m free to hook up with anyone under my girl's knowledge. I don't try threesome

  • I can share everything but not the love of my life. If he's mine, he's only MINE!

    • Love n sex are two different things.. love n enlmotion matters

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    • Pm me

    • You can pm me i can't.. my xper level don't allow to send direct messages so pls pm me

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