Why didn’t my ex defend himself against my accusation?

Past - ex who dumped me messaged me saying “don’t talk to my friends again bitch” He’s never called me names. And “I know you messaged (his friend)” I texted “I messaged him ONE TIME. it was A WHILE AGO” ex blocked me and later said sorry.
Present - I messaged ex. He said “stop talking to me (my name)” I said “then why did you get jealous if you say that” he said “bye”. He didn’t say “I wasn’t jealous”. Why?


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  • He's either just fed up with bickering or he really is jealous. The truth about this messy world is the only people you get that angry at are the people you still care about in one way or another.

    Just a thought, but one possibility is that he's trying to make you hate him so that it's easier to move on from you.


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  • I'm sorry hon. Forgive me because it sounds like you're frazzled but I am not clear what accusation you are referring to. It sounds as though he should have defended you by trusting you not to hurt by flirting with his friend. Of course some women can be vindictive so he overreacted.

    • My accusation of him being jealous

    • I said “then why were you jealous” ex never said “I wasn’t jealous”

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