Was it an abusive relationship or am I the wrong one?

I was with someone for three years, he did a lot of good things for me and all he ever asked of me was to lose weight and become attractive to him as well as quitting my job... I ruined the relationship because I could never lose the weight (I was a size 14) I act kept gaining I got to size 16 at biggest.. I just felt ridiculously insecure and miserable and scared that I was never pleasing him, even when I would clean the house top to bottom, it wasn't done right.. he would starve me of sex until I started begging for it. I basically turned into a pathetic woman. I walked out three months ago, I started going to the gym and became fitter and happier but I equally felt bad because I should have done that for him. We were always v amicable, we have a lot of the same friends anyway and after we split he was telling me that I never need to change and that I was beautiful.. oh how I wish he said that when we were together! I kept apologising for being so ugly to him... out of the blue last week he blocked me when I asked to collect some boxes from our old house now I have no way of contacting him and don't understand why he did that and now I feel useless again
Was it an abusive relationship or am I the wrong one?
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