Women advice... Please?

Me an my child's mother been separated for about 2 years now... We've had relations twice last year... Once this year but she doesn't want to commit... Every time we talk she angry for no apparent reason... I don't bother her at all... She say she's not dating or have no interest in it... But gets mad if she hears I'm dating... What does that mean? & Why is she always mad at me if I'm not doing anything to her & she doesn't want to be with me?


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What Girls Said 1

  • She wants you to keep sleeping with her and her only. Sounds like a friends with benefits

    • Right! But she doesn't even want to have sex like that... Like we had sex 3 months ago & the time before that 11 months ago... Smh

    • Sounds like she's not fully ready to let you go and move on

What Guys Said 1

  • Because she's a cunt. Only involve yourself if your kid is involved. Otherwise, avoid her.


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