Should I block his number?

me and my boyfriend rarely talk and his excuse is “hes busy” its gotten so bad we talk at least once a day. yesterday he texted me and had a horrible attitude. i said i was going to bed and he said “k” and i said “are you really gonna have an attitude towards me after we haven’t talked
all day” i ended up just saying never mind and that i love him and goodnight, he told me he loved me too. after that i told him i hope he had a good day and he said “love you too” i didn't even say love you in that sentence? i told him i think we should break up... i pretty much told him that i hope he has a good life and that he is happy and find someone he loves.. his response was “ok” i blocked him on all my social media but not his number... he hasn’t texted me at all since last night.. should i block his number? or just let it be just in case he does text me and want to work it out? honestly dont know if i wanna work it out... but i love him. (also this happens all the time, this month has been full of days where he doesn't text me at all i usually just let it go but yesterday was my breaking point)
Should I block his number?
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