Ex asked to get back together?

So my ex who lives in a different city asked to get back together. He's gotten his life together a bit but I still said it wasn't a good idea.. I was kind of angry when he tried to talk to me because he wanted closure after months of not allowing me to give it to him. I've been thinking about it and I want to get back together even though it's impractical... would it be weird to ask him why he wants to get back together and what he'd do differently after I already said no? Guys, how would you feel in this situation?


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  • The most logical thing would be to ask why and what has and will change? Honestly I think it's a bad idea. If your gut is telling you no, and you already know it's not the best, then why waste your time? Also did you guys break up previously because of life/financial issues or personal issues (cheating, fighting)

    • We broke up because he was in a bad place. He found out he was moving however the biggest reason was his lack of communication. He said he understood where he went wrong and he's in a much better place. He has a car and a job now...
      I only asked him how it would work, being that we don't live near each other. He said he was willing but I was very taken aback so I didn't think of all the questions...

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    • Other things to think about, is how often are you guys going to see each other or will he expect you to visit him (is that something you're willing to do)? How will traveling affect you or him financially and also schedules?

    • Yeah there are plenty of things we must discuss before jumping back in. Plus, I need him to realize I have to take it slow I can't just jump in like nothing happened.
      And we will be able to see each other on the weekends but it would be mostly him coming to me because when I go home to visit my parents, (same city he lives in) I don't have time to go see him/my parents don't approve.
      So yeah it's a lot to consider.
      Thanks for the advice I appreciate it!

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