Dumping my girlfriend slowly while dating someone else?

I have a girlfriend back at home while I am at medical school. We had a major fight where I called her SISTERS FRIEND fat as a counter joke to her saying something racist. Her sister went nuts and started making up stories with her boyfriend (I said things about their mother, or that I sleep with other girls (HA ) I hardly have any guy friends here). My girlfriend sort of dumped me for 3 hours until I sent her every chat log I had with her sister and she found out she's lying.
Her sister is still telling her she will "Disown her" if she talks to me.
To be honest breakups are hard I can't just cold turkey call it quits, I am mildly struggling with school.
I want to start seeing someone else and dump my current girlfriend, since she clearly didn't care about me.
In a way its wrong but at the same time she didn't care.


Most Helpful Girl

  • You sound a bit immature, what benefit do you have by holding out breaking up with a girl you have no interest in being with anymore? End it, save yourself the drama and her the hurt that you didn't have enough decency to break up with her before you started dating other people

    • Until I find someone I have a gap filler, and she gets emotionally hurt when i dump her. win win.

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  • Maybe just take a break from all relationships right now


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  • Still cheating. At least be decent enough to end it first, regardless of what you think she thinks or what she said.


What Guys Said 1

  • Dump her already, save yourself the slack.

    • I want her to feel the same pain she does by manipulating me.

    • Then have a great time with another girl, but first dump her, after that post pics on socialedia so she can see.

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