Guys seem to move on faster then girls?

I guess I sound like a disrespectful person for doing this. I broke up with my boyfriend while he is on vacation and apparently this doesn’t seems to affect him at all as I can still see that he is happily posting on Instagram with his travel picture. We are not friends on Instagram and hence there’s no reason he is putting on a brave front on this.


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  • What did you expect him to do? He likely valued the relationship but guys are taught to not be emotional or bothered too much by stuff like that.

    • Thanks for getting back GatorBomb. But he could have tried finding out the reason behind me initiating the break up. He did replied with a question mark and that’s it.

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    • Not offended in anyway. :)
      You mean despite feeling upset, you could still have the mood to post stuff on instalgram after like 2 days of the break up?

    • I don't have an instagram and i am not usually the type to take pictures unless i am with a friend. I would be upset but i'd just have to move on. I've never been in a relationship but when a good friend ended it without even an explanation, i just pushed it away and moved on.

  • Maybe he wasn't that serious but yeah, guys move on faster... at least me

    • Do you feel any sense of sadness?

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    • Yes i would if i don't means i was not that much into her

    • thanks i think so too.

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