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Okay I kinda need some advice a friend of mine has a crush on her ex boyfriend who she technically never broke up with because they had this hugeee fight and stopped talking to each other for like a month and now he’s her crush again and she doesn’t know if she should friend him back on Facebook... apparently he apologised and stuff and I think that if she wants to get back in contact with him she should friend him and message like hey or something but she’s scared that it’s gonna lead to something bad or something


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  • One thing I can tell you is this: No matter how much you care for your friends, it's a bad idea to intervene in their lives, because:

    1. It can always happen that they reconcile and then your friend remembers that you said something bad about her boyfriend. And then you’re the baddie.
    2. It can also happen that you don’t participate in their “issues” and things go bad and your friend still blames you for doing nothing.
    As you can see, no matter what you do, there's always a chance to be blamed. That's what happened to me several times so I just refuse to be involved in my friends' lives.

    • The thing is she wants to friend him and that’s why I’m asking on here for peoples opinions so it helps make her mind up

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    • So you think that she shouldn’t contact him even tho she misses him and still feels for him etc?

    • Yes. I mean, if she wants to be with him, let her be with him. if something goes bad, they can break up later too and she’ll gain some experience.
      but if she thinks that they shouldn’t be together, then the less contact she has, the better.

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  • She should friend him back and start with small chats. I think if both of them apologize to each other then they could be together again.


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  • I think she should friend him back... it's completely fine i guess... may be the two can start all over again!
    Is it about you or your friend?

    • I promise it’s about my friend, I’ve been trying to get her to at least friend him and she won’t listen to me ):

    • sorry to doubt you... and at the end of the day it's your friends decision it should be hers... you can give your opinion and it's nice that u care for her ,... but she should do whatbshe feels like! There must be a reason she isn't... may be u can ask her for that

  • I think she should friend him and probably text him.
    What is she fearing?

  • Why did they break up in the first place?

    • Just some argument about their relationship... nothing major

    • Then they should go back, and she can initiate it with a message

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  • Tell her not to overthink and go for it


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