Why won’t he talk to me?

Basically, my ex and I broke up over a year ago but a couple month so ago we ran into eachother and he started talking to me, we hung out a couple times as friends and it was fine, and then like a week ago we hung out and he kissed me, we hung out for hours and we did kiss more. I have no clue why we did but we did. I thought everything was normal after, but he hasn’t spoken to me since. And it made me frustrated and confused so I sent him and message the other night basically saying “what the f***. You’re gonna kiss me, and then disappear? I don’t think so” and then he said that he’s not sure why he kissed me but he wants to just hangout as friends until he figured it out so I was like “alright fine” and I said I was sorry for going off on him and asked if he actually even wanted to talk to me anymore and all we said was “we’ll talk, goodnight”

im wondering if 1) you think he will talk to me again soon or 2) why hasn’t he been talking to me?


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  • Word of advice move on thats an asshole move to mind fuck you and he won basically he got you to be back on him


What Girls Said 1

  • Has he texted you at all? If not, then he just wanted to kiss and leave. He may text you again, he may not. If he doesn’t, move.


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