Should I pull away and hope that she comes back, or just move on?

We weren’t together very long (3 months) and from the start there were a lot of issues in her life and when we started having issues in our relationship I blamed her. She was somewhat at fault, but I didn’t see that I was the real problem and I was being selfish and overbearing. She’s pushed me away so far that I don’t think I can get her back. We still talk, but she seems distant and if I ever tell her I love her she hesitates before saying it back. She said she wants space and is focusing on herself so I gave it to her. I apologized to her for blaming her and thinking it was her fault and she accepted my apology, but when I asked her if she thinks we’ll ever get back together she said she doesn’t know. I’m planning on pulling away to give her more space and maybe make her miss me, but I fear that she will simply cut me out of her life completely if I do so. So I might just pick up what’s left of my pride and move on.


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  • I think the best way to salvage anything good from this is to apoligize, talk about the good times, and move on. If they still want you they'll stop you. But if not you cut cut the loose ends and can tie a new knot

    • Yea that’s what I might do.. thanks for the advice!

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