I miss my ex boyfriend but he was the one that dumped me?

we had a fight then he told me he didn't have time for relationships and he dumped me in a text I don't know why i still miss him, he erase me of all the social media


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What Guys Said 1

  • This is normal. And sometimes hard to get over. It basically leaves you with no closure. If you can give yourself the mentality that what he's looking for is something else. Not necessarily looking for better or worse. Just something different. Obviously the way he did it is very shady. Obviously his maturity levels are not there.


What Girls Said 1

  • You're going to have to just move on. It's normal to miss someone, if you cared about them and especially if you weren't the one who decided to break up. It takes time, but eventually you will once you accept that it's over. The fact he blocked you on social sites and told you he didn't have time, he isn't interested in you anymore. Depending on how long ago this was, it could be he's just mad, but from what you've said, he's over with the relationship.

    • im starting to have ugly thoughts that he dumped because he already was seeing someone else i feel terrible.

    • He could be, also could explain why he blocked you on social media. But it's also more reason to move on. Some people are a**holes, you shouldn't feel bad about it. He could have used the fight as a way out, don't blame yourself. There was a guy yesterday asking a question about stringing along his girlfriend, so he'll have someone while he date around and find someone new, so it happens.

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