Help! I don't know what to do about my relationship status.

I'm currently in a relationship with a really great guy. We've been dating almost three months now, and I really like him. But sometimes (like now) I get this feeling that I just don't want to be in a relationship anymore...

I find it sort of stressful, in a way. I really don't think I'm at a time in my life that I should be thinking about relationships right now, at least not in a serious manner.

Also, I find myself getting angry or annoyed with him very easily. He gets jealous easily and gets upset if he thinks I'm being flirtatious with another guy (which is NOT the case, EVER. I wouldn't think of doing that to him), and it annoys me to no end. I feel like he takes things to seriously at times, too.

I don't know what to do. If I broke up with him, I don't know if he'd ever talk to me again. I mean, maybe eventually, but I can tell he really loves me. And I'm not sure if I love him anywhere near the same way.. I don't want to lose him. I want us to be friends, at the very least.


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  • It sounds like what's stopping you from breaking up with him is the thought of him not ever talking to you, instead of you not wanting to end the relationship because you really like him or something along those lines. I could be just reading too much into your last paragraph though (its late lol.) But if so, I'd say end it because it sounds like you just aren't into the relationship HOWEVER, if not...continue reading on.

    So, I've been through something similar. However, the thing is, I've felt this way with all of my exes so ...Anyway, how it was for me was that I'd start feeling this stressful, caging feeling after 2+ months into the relationship. I had the same thoughts as you did (excluding the jealously part) with all of them. The first one, I didn't have to take action because he (#1) broke up with me first. Second one, I broke up with #2 but thing is, right after he decided to harass me so that didn't end well. In my third one, I broke it off with #3. BUT this time, I was actually given time to regret. This feeling didn't come until a month or two later but boy, was it a slap in the face. I regretted it for the longest time because I realized I really liked him(#3) and after a year of hesitating on whether or not to tell him how I felt, I took the risk and told him. After having confessed, we ended up dating and still are to this very day. Having reflected on it, I realized that the feeling came with my fear of commitment (unconscious though) and also fear of being too serious which would equate to me becoming vulnerable. I really regret breaking up with him and I almost lost him as a result. Something similar happened to my friend however, her situation was a little different. Her fear only arose in her after a few relationships but that was from her previous ex who hurt her pretty badly. However, this is just me and my friend. I just want to tell you my story in hopes of it shedding some light on yours maybe. Hoped it help? if not, sorry for the lengthy read lol.

    Also, for the jealousy bit, I'd say talk to him about it. That's what I did and my boyfriend realized he was being to possesive and over thought a lot of the situations. It took a bit of time for him to change but he has and has come to trust me a lot more. No point in not talking to him about because you're just going to get more and more frustrated every time he gets jealous and at some point, you're going to explode at him or something that may ruin the relationship later on for either you, him or both of you.

    • It's been like this for every single person I've been with too! I just get tired of relationships or something. I don't know. But I'm going to give it some more time. Thank you!

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  • you have to settle things with yourself on what you really want first.

    Do I want a realtionship?

    do I want a realtionship with this guy?

    and you can't break up with a guy and expect him to come back to you when you feel in the mood for a partner again. its not how it works.

    mabye you want to accomplish more before you settle into a relationship, and right now you see him as an anchor to your ambition to do so. I could go on with possiblities but its up to you to figure out your problem.

  • Obviously he's not the guy for you. Relationships should not be stressful. You are obviously doing something that is making him think you are flirting with other guys. Men, and people do not just arbitrarily have emotions without something sparking them. Unless they are crazy. Which is extremely rare, and even in those rare cases, they typically do other things, like ask themselves questions and then answer them.

    You need to tell him how you feel and where you stand. You also need to tell him why you feel that way and what he does to make you feel the way you do. That way he can learn from this and be a better person for the next girl he gets with. Leave him better than you found him.

    Keep this in mind though, the reason relationships fail is always because of both people.


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  • He's probably someone very sweet for u, but this is just not the right time. Don't prolong this if you feel you are not ready yet to get committed.

  • Life is too short. Move on.


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