Casual dating but I want the real relationship?

Me and this girl dated exclusively for a couple months then she said she needed time to be apart, which actually meant she wants to start dating other people, the reason I know this is cause I caught her on a date with another guy the day after we supposedly trying to work things out. She said she wants to keep things casual but that's not what I want. I want to be there for her and her kids but now she's having other guys over in their lives, their valling them dad now instead of me, and taking a place that I had for a while. I feel like if I were to just leave her that I would lose her to the other guys she is seeing more so than I already have but it's killing me inside not being able to be with her. She keeps saying that she needs someone that can take care of her and the kids and when I try to she turns around and says I need to be young and dumb. I feel like I can't win with her. She says she forced me into a relationship I didn't want, but in all actuality it's what I've wanted for a long time, which I've told her. I tried to keep it casual at the start and not put labels on things since she had just gotten out of a year long relationship and before that was with another guy and married for almost 10 years, but he died of cancer. And was only alone for 3 month. I wanted to give her time but she wanted the labels. Not she doesn't want that and that's what I want. I tired to keep it casual at the start but she didn't want that. Why has it changed all the sudden it seems like.


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  • She's telling you, you are much younger and should find someone your own age to play house with.
    She doesn't take you seriously. You apparently don't have what she needs right now. She's being disrespectful to you. You need to move on.


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