My ex is dating another hoe how do I get him back months after?

After my ex broke up with me he started seeing a girl shortly after it last 2-3 months now he's dating another girl I know for a fact is a hoe I went to school with her and hate her , what should I do should I confront him about it? Do you guys think its going to be serious why does he keep bouncing girl to girl why won't he take me back? When he knows I still love him


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  • If he is going from girl to girl you don't want that. Stay far away.


What Girls Said 1

  • Probably because he doesn't want to. I'm sorry but you can't make someone take you back. Seems like you're only calling this girl a hoe because she's dating your ex. Grow up and move on. You don't have any right to tell him what he can and can't do or who he can and can't date.

    • He's taken me back numerous times and Like I wrote i went to school with her I know she's a hoe im not going to be petty and call her names

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