2 year relationship I ended?

Broke up with my ex 6 months ago, she moved onto another relationship just over 2 weeks after with a lad she met on a dating site. Opinions?


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  • might be a bit quick but love is always a strange thing.
    i mean, the heart wants what it wants.

    might i aks, what broke your relationship up?

    • I was getting unhappy and we tried to fix it but it seemed alls we were doing was trying, I broke it off thinking it would be best and healthier for us both

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    • i understand, that makes it hard to see her with someone else i must imagine.

      nothing much you can do at this point.

      Take care and i wish you the best.

    • Thanks, appreciate the replys! You too

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  • I gotta say that's pretty quick, but hey sometimes people fall in love quickly. Don't think about it because it's no longer your problem, right?

    • Yeah it ain't you're right, just makes me wonder about how real we were and if she was cheating, but it's old news I guess

    • Well, this is just an experience from me. I started losing interest in my ex a few weeks before I broke up with her. A few weeks after that, I started loving someone else and now have a relationship with her. If she was already falling out of love, it would mean she had more time to move on from you. That would mean that she's not necessarily cheating, but I dunno for sure because I'm not familiar with your situation.

  • You broke up with her so you should move on instead of concerning yourself with her life.

    • I still find myself caring about her, we never ended on bad terms

    • But you're right

  • She been talking to him long before you guys ended

    • She said she didn't when I asked but I have my suspicion

    • Bro don’t fall for it if they hooked up that fast she’s Lying

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