Social media talk?

So on facebook i found out my ex cheated on me with another girl and took pics with her so i tried to tell her hey he cheated on me and all of that. so her friends came up on my comment and then saying im ugly my ex boyfriend girl look better than me i need to kill myself is they jealous and mad that i told the truth social media talk?


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  • Aye girl first you hella fine, second he a fuck nigga who lost the best girl he ever gonna be with and he cheated on you with some trashy hoe with no self respect


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  • You have nothing to be ashamed of. If that is a picture of you, I think you’re very cute. They are being immature and childish.

    I’m sorry your good deed didn’t pan out :( But you don’t need to feel any shame or guilt. Put it out of your mind. It isn’t your problem anymore.


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  • Let it pass... It's his loss. You are pretty n he is just too dumb or blind to see it. He is gone now, what's the point if you keep fighting with him? He is not coming back n who gives a shit about his current girlfriend. He could marry to snow-white n nobody gives a damn. Live ur own life, thats it.

  • Why are u harassing that girl.

    • be she doing the same thing

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    • she knew he cheated on me

    • So why text her. What sense does that make

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