It was probably for the best?

So I finally told my boyfriend that we should take a break... I'm not taking his response so well... here's what I told him: I've been thinking for a while and I know I've said this before and I never made it happen but I think we should take a break, it seems like we don't really get along that well and make each other mad. I just don't feel right, I don't even feel like we're in a real relationship at this point. I've tried talking before but it doesn't seem to do anything or it makes me look like I'm too needy or the bad person. I really want to try to find a solution but maybe some time apart would be better. You're sick of people telling you how to run our relationship but I'm tired of being stressed out and upset over this... I'm sorry I'm doing this off text, whenever I try to talk to you in person I always lose my words and forget what to say so I just back off... I just want things to be okay. I Love You. His response was only "that's fine" which kind of threw me off... I've tried so hard to be the best girlfriend I could be but he's just not nice to me and I feel disrespected all the time... did I do the right thing to take a break or could I have done more?


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  • I just broke up with my girlfriend of 5 years about 3 months ago. Before the breakup she had decided we needed a break and that we would try pick up again when the year was over.
    Two weeks into the break the following happened:
    1. I stopped thinking about and talking to her
    2. I felt happier not constantly stressing about the state of our relationship
    3. I decided I was happier without her.

    When I had come to terms with all of the above I met someone new and we started dating. But technically, a break is still committed so I had to end it with her. She was not happy. At all. She cried and texted and begged me to come back.

    Moral of the story is, if you are making the decision to go on a break without first talking to your partner then be prepared for the worst. And if you're prepared for the worst then why are you together. You might as well skip the farce and just breakup. There is no problem that just ignoring each other and calling it a break can fix.


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  • In my opinion 'breaks' just don't work, or at least extremely rarely. I haven't heard of a success story. My ex wanted a break and he convinced me to accept since I wanted to try all I could to make it work. However I ended up feeling like I was single anyway and the next time I bumped into him it felt like meeting an ex rather than a boyfriend. Thinking about continuing a relationship felt awkward and no longer possible anymore. If you are unhappy in a relationship then you should just leave. Time apart in such a manner doesn't solve anything, you can't do such things in marriage or when you have children so there isn't much point in trying it when it is a relationship. If there is a problem you should be mature and talk it out and try and fix it that way. If you can't compromise or come to a solution then the relationship isn't working and you should move on and find someone who does make you happy and who you are compatible with.


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