How do I ask my ex to talk?

I'm not trying to get back with him, that just wouldn't work out, he proved me pretty much that he wouldn't be able to be a good and loyal boyfriend to me. But he has financial issues and I have the ability to help him. Last time we talked I told him to leave me alone because I was upset.
But I really want to help him as a friend, not giving/loaning him money, just teaching him how to earn some easily (difficult to explain but I used to create certain items to earn money for my horse before I started working. So that could solve his issues. How do I go on about this?


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What Guys Said 1

  • You should not talk that's why he is ex


What Girls Said 1

  • I don't know if I would reach out tbh. I mean if there’s no bad blood then just casually text him or dm him via social media. It’s just that his problems aren’t yours anymore.

    • I guess... we both apologized, but aren't on talking terms.

    • Yeah, it’s a nice gesture but I wouldn’t do it. It’s just something you don’t need to concern yourself with anymore..

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