Were / are you faithful in your relationship/s?

All in the question and the poll.

  • Faithful and happy that way.
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  • Faithful so far but I wish I could play around.
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  • Unfaithful and I don't regret it.
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  • Unfaithful and I do regret it.
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  • i'm faithful because my mamma raised me right and a girl doesn't deserve to get cheated on


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What Girls Said 21

  • I messed up a number of years ago and regretted it the SECOND it happened. I literally was regretting it as I was doing it. Nothing was hot or sexy about cheating on the man I cheated on (especially since he was so, incredibly, trusting). I would never, ever, ever cheat again. Never. There was no worse feeling then looking into my boyfriend's eyes later. I shudder at that old memory.

  • Never. I know people who sleep with whoever, whenever and I can't imagine doing that. Exspecially when I was in a relationship. I know my boyfriend is and will be faithful to me and I will do the same to him. If ever feel like I should go to someone else then I would end the relationship.

  • I've cheated only once. I was drunk, but I know that it's no excuse at all. I'm not doing that to him ever again... You don't know how thankful I am that he gave me another chance, he's the best guy I've ever been with, and incredibly faithful. I was thinking about what I would feel if he did the same to me.. it's so selfish and nasty.

    • Well at least you regret it, so long as you told the truth, it makes it a lot better,

    • True. and yeah I regret it a lot. One of my friends actually suggested that I don't tell him at all, but I thought honesty would be better here.

  • i picked A

    if your not gonna be faithful don't be in a relationship

    i think if you feel the need to cheat you need to get out of the relationship yur in

  • I have/will never cheat on a boyfriend. If you don't plan on being with only one person at a time, then why would you bother committing to a relationship?

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What Guys Said 10

  • f*** all of you who cheat, I've been on the receiving end and it sucks so I hope you get what you deserve, for someone to betray you and hurt you, to break your hearts especially if you don't regret it.

  • I couldn't cheat on my girlfriend. I'd be too serious about working out the relationship if we have problems. And if the problems persist or intensify, I'll break it off with her. Might as well.

    Besides that, cheating would take an emotional toll on me. But it would also take a toll if she did the same.

    Relationships are just too fragile - trust is one of the biggest factors in holding it together.

  • It was once. We weren't even officially going together I think. It was so on again off again with her and when she decided she'd rather go out of town on our first Christmas together to be with her parents and not invite me, I figured she wasn't serious at all. Another girl took notice and invited me over. That's when it happened. When my so-called girlfriend found out she was furious. But still we got engaged and married. But when she gets really angry she throws that back in my face even though I have NEVER had sexual contact with anyone else since we married. But she seems to think it's a great manipulation tactic for her. She has hit me, struck me, punched me many times, even in the face causing bruises. I have never laid a hand on her as such. But she feels she can do that whenever she wants to and that it could never compare to my one night stand when she felt I wasn't important enough to even spend Christmas with.

    I've never reminded her that a man who isn't as patient as I am would probably have retaliated and beat the crap out of her but I don't think she'd care. I just don't know. Yes I regret my once only fling but it seems like at times she wants me to be punished eternally. Sometimes I think she should either forgive me or we should go our separate ways if she can't get past what happened. 12 or 13 years ago.

  • I've never cheated on anybody in my entire life... BUT my ex did cheat on me.

    I walked in my ex's room on valentine's day holding a bouquet of flowers, to find her in her bed with her lips LITERALLY wrapped around some other man's cock.

    This moment TO THIS VERY DAY is the most awkward moment of my life.

    Love's a bi***

  • I don't really see how someone would want to be in the relationship in the first place if they didn't want to be faithful, yes id never cheat. when taking my eyes are fixated on no one but my partner

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