Why do exes use friendship as an excuse to go back to your life like they didn't hurt you?

Is it because they still have feelings? (sex is not on the agenda)


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  • Usually it's a careful scheme to win you over again. Sex may not be available at the moment, but maybe after warming up to you again, throwing the past away, and a little alcohol, they can go right back to the way things were

    • nah he did try to come back. But i dodged him. he broke up with me, love don't live her anymore. i still have feelings but he doesn't know that. i told him I cannot be friends with him.

    • Well there you go. Don't pick up the phone, and don't answer texts. Don't let him back into your life. Might seem rude, but it's for the best

    • true. I told him we can't talk anymore. and that was it.

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  • Because you can be there for them if they r having a hard time/are bored cuz you have been there for them before. Also in case they break up you r in their list of options


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  • Some exes are mature and only want friendship. I am friends with all of my exes. I was recently the man of honor at her

    • awwww that is so sweet. even if the break up was recent and feelings are raw still?

    • We decided to no longer date years ago. We remained friends, I'm her daughter godfather and her husband and she are my son's godparents. It's perception and maturity of the individuals involved.

  • Don't know but I'm sick of it

    • sick of the question? lol

    • No haha, sick of exes doing that

    • lol true. I am not playing that friendship card unless I have zero feelings for my ex. hell i can be his daughter's godmother if he wants lol

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