Hi, recently met a gurl for married but it didn't work?

Hello, recently met a girl for marriage. Her parents n uncle n grandparents liked my family n myself.. The girl is an English teacher. We been meeting few times. But each time when it comes my turn to take her out, she expect me to take car. I told her I can't drive for the moment. I can't tell her I am epileptic. If I tell any girl in my island that am epileptic, they will keep away from me.. So told this one that I fear driving coz once got dizzy on the road. But she never accepted. She keep arguing over that.. At the same time she wanted some intimacy moments, wanted to go in a room. Well I couldn't take her to the one she told me bcoz when I think, its an arranged marriage here n her parents wants to get her married quick.. So I didn't take her.. On Saturday last, we had coffee. By mistake the lady who served us coffee, threw her coffee on the table as it was hot. It got some on her bag.. That moment the gal got furious... I couldn't even say a word.. I was surprised. On Sunday she called, then told her will call her back. But I forgot as I was busy. On Monday morning, she got angry at me bcoz I didn't call her. On Monday evening, she called n said to breakup bcoz we won't match. She has a dominant character. I hv calm n timid character... If I had sex with her, she could use this to blame me too as am quiet.
Now I want to learn to change my character to be more firm.. Everytime I fail.
Recently sm gals I knew but they keep away as they learnt I got epilepsy. A gal at my work also keeps distance from me. I dunno why. I used to be comfortable with her.. Nw I lost my smile, hardly can talk to her.. She never comes to me.
It hurts. Parents r looking for gurls for me but everytime breakup.. When I meet the gals, I try to adjust myself, adapt, etc. But they break up..
Please teach me.. I feel so sad...


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  • Dude, run. This girl sounds like a pain in the ass, and marrying her will only seal your fate. If a girl can't accept you for who you are, she's not worth your time or effort.


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  • I can teach you anything. You have to learn for yourself. Arranged marriages may be a thing, but I think they rarely work. You have to meet someone and get to know them and decide if what you don't like about them is less than what you like about them. Take care

    • @momo770: Yes, but it's hard to find a gal (love marriage) at my age. That's why going for arranged. But seems gals in my island r so materialized now that they want guys who hv cars etc to drive them to private places for sex before marriage..
      Like me I don't hv a car so it's a problem for this gal... Because I refused to fuck her, didn't take her to the room she told me that's why she got angry with the coffee gal. She exploded on her...
      She told me her period just ended,. Do u thk thats why she got angry when I refused to hv sex.. When we met, twice in public I made her wet down...

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    • Herself she told me she has a dominant character. She told her parents she can't adapt with me.. I was learning to knw her...

    • Eh say bye and be grateful

  • why are u trying to get married if you are epileptic like if this is arrange marriage then Ofcourse she doesn't want you she doesn't want to become a nurse , well for friends I don't think friends should have any problems talking to you unless they are narrow minded and pathetic which most of the Indians are

    • @Anonymous : about friends​, for few months met a cute gal, she is of mixed race.. We became frens n whenever we see each other we talked. Until recently one of her frens told her that I got epilepsy. When we met when I went to work, she asked me about my health. That was the last day we spoke. I still see her but we never talk... I realize its because I told her am epileptic.. I never done a thg with her or didn't go for lunch.. That really hurt me badly.. Each time she passes by, I feel that hurt..
      Well most gals nowadays here wana easy life... They wana live materialized.

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