This letter is my hope, what do you think?

First of all I'm not that good in English, you might find incorrect word or grammar, tell me if you find. Hope you share your opinion about my letter. What should I put more or what should I cut off?
Hello you,
It's your day, wish you a very happy birthday ary! How time is flying, I remember like yesterday when I was almost sending a birthday wish to you... that you haven't receive.

The birthday wish is quite short but I would like to know something, specially your opinion is much important than anyone else's (you'll see why). Do you believe in telephaty? If yes, So lately you come into my mind suddenly and often, I believe in telephaty and I want to know, is that happening to you too?

Untill now some people contacted me and told me that they were think about me or they saw me in their dreams, suprisingly I was also thinking about them. That's why I believe in it. So why are you silent? Why don't you tell what others are telling me? But here I'm, I tell you that it might be either It's telepathic or I miss you. You tell me wich one is correct?

This letter is too long
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You have to only focus on birthday
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I like it, it makes me feel answer it immediately
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I didn't like it (tell me why)
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I won't answer this letter
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This letter is my hope, what do you think?
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