Why does my ex always try to talk to me. I hate him?

I do care to know bevause i do still love him and im hurt i also hate him. So please if you can give me answers on why he does this.

He cheated on me we were together for 8 months the last time I spoke to him he said he doesn't care about me, not to contact him and he doesn't think about me or want me.

I was heart broken and think he has someone else.

But anyway 3 days after the above conversation I saw him at a festival which he said hello and can't we be civil. I was very blunt and it was clear I didn't want to talk so he walked off.

The day after he messaged me on whatsapp LOL
I read and ignored it. I think he just wanted to see if I blocked him or not.
This all happened in August this year

I haven't seen him since until today we were both driving and he pulled up to my car beeping. I was trying to ignore and then turned and waved.
He then pulled in front of my car and said hi how are you ext and ask if I followed him.

I said no I'm going to work and he said it is good to see me.

I then said I dunno why you are talking to me after the last time we spoke you were so vile to me and he then said it doesn't have to be like that
I then said well bye and mumbled fuck off which I don't think he heard.
He was all smiley and happy and I was negative and upset.

I then burst into tears and speed away from him. He didn't see this.

I still have strong feelings for him but it seems he is all happy and doesn't care.

Please give me your opinion on this situation. Yes I know I have to move on but I want to know if you think he cares or whatever


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  • Yeah it sounds like he still cares. Which is why he's trying to talk to you. I bet you 100 bucks he had a fling with that girl you mentioned, the one he cheated on you with, but shit went south and she ended up not really liking him after all. Once he realized this, He knew you would be a perfect rebound. But after you showed him that your not interested this has him in quite a bamboozle.


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  • In a nutshell, at this point, its safe sex. You both don't want relationship, assuming you've had sex, this you can continue to do, because he is a hit em n quit em type guy. If this works, cool. If not, tell him.

  • Perhaps the drug that is cheating has worn off and he realizes that he's in the shit. Have you considered blocking him?

  • Because you allow it

  • Sounds like a love hate relationship, like Chuck and Blair


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