Why does my ex always try to talk to me. I hate him?

I do care to know bevause i do still love him and im hurt i also hate him. So please if you can give me answers on why he does this.

He cheated on me we were together for 8 months the last time I spoke to him he said he doesn't care about me, not to contact him and he doesn't think about me or want me.

I was heart broken and think he has someone else.

But anyway 3 days after the above conversation I saw him at a festival which he said hello and can't we be civil. I was very blunt and it was clear I didn't want to talk so he walked off.

The day after he messaged me on whatsapp LOL
I read and ignored it. I think he just wanted to see if I blocked him or not.
This all happened in August this year

I haven't seen him since until today we were both driving and he pulled up to my car beeping. I was trying to ignore and then turned and waved.
He then pulled in front of my car and said hi how are you ext and ask if I followed him.

I said no I'm going to work and he said it is good to see me.

I then said I dunno why you are talking to me after the last time we spoke you were so vile to me and he then said it doesn't have to be like that
I then said well bye and mumbled fuck off which I don't think he heard.
He was all smiley and happy and I was negative and upset.

I then burst into tears and speed away from him. He didn't see this.

I still have strong feelings for him but it seems he is all happy and doesn't care.

Please give me your opinion on this situation. Yes I know I have to move on but I want to know if you think he cares or whatever
Why does my ex always try to talk to me. I hate him?
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