Getting over my ex?

So I was dating a girl by the name of Canya Fly. We dated for a bit then got engaged and she moved 2 states away suddenly and not long after getting engaged, she had planned on moving back to where I was but never did. She and I did long distance for 2 years and she was 1 month away from moving here to be with me, 2 weeks away from the time to be together finally after 2 years she cheated one for the 3rd time and I dumped her. It's been almost 2 months now since I broke up with her and I really want to talk to her. I slept with a girl to try to get over Canya but it didn't work, I also liked the girl so it wasn't just rebound. Anyway I really want to talk to her but Ik she's bad for my life. I don't know what to do, what are your thoughts? I treated canya like a princess, like she was the most important thing in the world because she was my world. Thoughts?


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  • If she loved you she would never have cheated on you, and she has done it more than once. She is in a pattern of doing it to you. Do you want to live a life of being treated like that and feeling like that the rest of your life? Because if you call her that is what your going to be doing.

    2 months is nothing. You haven’t gone through the grieving process yet, it takes time. You need to feel sad, mad, depressed, etc and all over the places feelings before you can or will feel ok. And you will.

    And sleeping with someone else this soon won’t magically fix anything, you need to go through the shit to feel ok.

    If you call or text it’s ok but know that you should get back together and it’s a blip in moving on and just move forward and don’t do it again!!

    It will get better and easier!!

    • Thank you.

    • If you need to talk you can DM me xxxx

      I’ve been through a similar situation myself and I know how hard it can be, the struggle you going to go through and having someone to vent to at the time really helps xxx

      I promise it gets easier I’m living proof.

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  • Why exactly is it that you want to talk to her now after all this time past? What are you exactly trying to achieve those are more appropriate questions rather then playing a blame game.

    • I'm not just simply playing the blame game, and I don't just suddenly want to talk to her, I've wanted to almost non stop since the break up and it's killing me not doing it. So what makes me want to? I'm still in love with her

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    • I know I don't need permission, but she cheated 3 times, I forgave her of 2 of those times, but if I love her and go back then she will just do the same thing, and I'll still love her but I'll keep getting hurt by her and I can't live through life and watch the girl I love be sexually active with multiple people when she's supposed to be with me. I don't know if I'll ever not love her, but I need to not talk to her, but I really really want to

    • Then don’t talk to her

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