How can I stay away from a off and on relationship because he has too much interest in other woman when I love him more than any man ever?

I have no idea why I love this man who hurts me so much. He is great... unbeatable.. at times then he gets distant as if I am not what he wants. He changes the way he treats me depending on who is around... He acts like he is into me then not... He did cheat once but back then he didn't know what he wanted... he said... We got back together and this time everything was so much better... but it hurts the things he does that gives me suttle hints he could care less about my feelings. I never loved a man more but I am to the point I am so unhappy that I left. He says these girl friends of his are just that.. friends,,, but he doesn't talk to them in front of me on the phone and facebook i am not mentioned in at all... nor does his status say in a relationship. He says he isn't the type to even put his birthday on there but I feel he doesn't want other woman to know of me... I lived with him over two years and have left several times to always run back when he asks. Help I am suppose to be moving out this time.. I am at a friends staying but am afraid I want to go back.. It is time I don't. Help...


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  • If he is cheat , and you’re a lover.. it’s never gonna work out. He is always gonna hurt you , disappoint you.
    And all through your precious love gets wasted and totally disrespected.
    It’s better you walk out of such messy relationship and look for a better life.
    If you love such a fool so much , I imagine how much more you’d be truly to the one you love + loves you back.
    This isn’t the right place for you id say.


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  • if you were advising a close friend who you cared about... would you say she should stay with the man who is using her for his own satisfaction along with any other woman he chooses?

  • On/offs never work in the end and waste valuable time that could be spent finding someone that really does love you

  • Find a better man, your love is being wasted on someone who doesn't love you the same way


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