Are you friends with your ex? What's best?

I was good friends with my ex before we liked each other. We immediately bonded because we had a lot in common and had mutual friends. Now that he's my ex, it feels strange to be friends with him again. Since I have a big group project with him, I have to force myself to communicate with him firmly. It all sucks ass and there's nothing I can do about it. He's very unemotional and it's like he doesn't have any--I wouldn't say "remorse"-- but conscientiousness and respect. He's totally slacking off and the very least he could do is look me in the eye when we're all collaborating. I wouldn't mind being friends with him after we both cool off and get over everything but I honestly have no idea if it's possible. Do you have any experience with this?
Yes, I don't mind it as long as we don't get too friendly
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Are you friends with your ex? What's best?
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