Husband made comments about my vagina? Guys opinion?

When we first started our relationship (2 years ago) I would go down on him a lot, and it took him a while for him to go down on me. Her eventually did, but I had to ask him. However, he still wouldn't do it often, but he would ask me to go down on him.

About a year ago, before marriage, he made a comment saying my vagina "stank" after going down on me. I got offended, and kinda cut off oral sex from there.

About 2 weeks ago, he made a comment about my vagina's lips, calling them "meat curtains".

And today, we were talking about disgusting things. He saying nasty stuff (I mean actual nasty stuff), to make me cringe, so I said, "oh ok, if you wanna play like that I'll show you something [nasty] when you're eating", to which he replied "you're gong to show me your vagina".

At this point, I don't have that much sex with him anymore, and we stopped oral sex a while ago, even though he hints that he wants it all the time, but I don't give it to him cause he doesn't go down on me, so yeah. Does my husband find me disgusting?
Husband made comments about my vagina? Guys opinion?
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