How long will you trust him after cheating?

he cheated on you and you where lucky to have found out.. would he cheat on you again? no one can answer that question not even your husband. But if he has got a good heart with proper tabs that you keep on him, you would be able to help each other out, for instance if you hacked his phone and got messages he gets on his phone in real time you would be able to prevent a lot with a simple call to him, for the fact that there's been a lot of supposed hackers who are fake the real ones are hard to find but am gona advise anyone out there to give hacksecrete@gmail. com the job because i have used him severally and i can confirm to you that he is reliable, efficient and extremely affordable. thank me later
Men are not to be trusted
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Trust him no more after cheating
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How long will you trust him after cheating?
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