My boyfriend broke up with me but I’m not sad?

My boyfriend and I have broken up before in the past and I’ve been devastated. He’s been treating me really shit recently but I’ve been scared to end it because I didn’t want that feeling of heartbrokeness again. The other day though he ended it, I asked him if he was adamant because he always ends it and then comes running back and he said he was sure this time. He was being really cold, and acting like he didn’t care about me at all. It stung a bit and when I left him I cried for about an hour but then I just stopped. I woke up this morning and I don’t feel sad, I just feel kind of lost and lonely like I’m not sure what to do now. I’ve blocked him off everything and Im not too bothered about never seeing him again. I don’t understand as every other time I’ve been constantly crying my eyes out and this time it’s like I don’t care. Maybe it’s because he was like a completely different person when I saw him the other day or maybe it hasn’t registered in my mind yet that it’s properly over? Do you think I’ll start feeling sad in a few days or something, I hope not but I’m scared of getting that horrible heartbroken feeling in a few days.
My boyfriend broke up with me but I’m not sad?
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