Only lovers game?

What is love?


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  • It's a feeling , you feel that you want him , that u can never get enough of him , that if you got him you don't have to get anything else , you feel that if you got him everything gonna be fine and you will never be alone again , you feel that you should give him everything since you are getting everything from him , you would just feel u finally found a positive one someone who is Willing to give you instead of taking from u , a source for happiness

  • Man... love is the feeling you have when it's scary to be around that person, but you want to be afraid because thats the only place you want to be.

    When they don't look their best but it's even more attractive because you could care less about make up or no haircut.

    When their scent reaches your brain and confuses you on wether being with them is actually real or not.

    When all of there flaws is the reasons you love them.

    When you understand why they have insecurities but tell them thats why they are beautiful.

    When they are going through a tough time and it hurts you just the same if not more.

    When you finally get to see them after a while and you re fall in love again because they are made for you.

    Its so much man.

  • Baby don't hurt me


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