Is he trying to make me jealous?

My ex and I have been broken up for the 2nd time for about 3 weeks now, he started liking stuff on twitter about missing me and emotional posts like that... I haven't talked to him since we broke up and usually he is used to me giving in and talking to him about a week after (because I did that last time)... he goes back and forth between liking sad posts to liking posts about not caring about me or "cutting toxic people out of his life". Now he continues to post pictures and snap chats with other girls or around other girls.. he's never touching them or anything to far but just enough to make me jealous i think? someone help...


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What Guys Said 1

  • Don't watch social media. It sends you insane. Let him get over it and come to you.

    • do you think he will?

    • Not sure. But it seems he needs to show a bit more commitment to you.
      If he doesn't, I guess he's ultimately not interested.

What Girls Said 2

  • Firstly he sounds incredibly childish. Do you really want a guy with that maturity level in your life? I think it is his loss really...

    And yes. It seems like he wants a reaction from you and wants you to crawl back and give him the attention his ego craves.

    I wouldn't fall for it.

    • He can be very immature. That's what I was thinking to, that he's kinda freaking out at the fact I haven't come crawling back that its making him scared?

    • Yeah but I think he's really just looking for a reaction from you. Not necessarily freaking out. Just trying to get under your skin. I feel like if he was really worried he would actually be talking to you.

    • He is very very VERY stubborn... we have broken up before and he said "yeah I wanted to talk to you but I wasn't going to give in"

  • girl block him, if he's acting like that he doesn't deserve the satisfaction of knowing you're seeing his dumbass posts

    • Thats honestly so true, I am giving him the satisfaction when he knows I have seen it even though I'm not reacting

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