Did I make the wrong decision?

Hey guys
so 2 days ago i decided to go no contact with a girl i fell in love with and met online.
We got to know each other via a online game last year in April and over time she became not only a good friend but also what i believe to be my better half. We spent a lot of time together playing videogames and chatting a lot, talking about life and stuff. One thing worth noting is that we never met in person so far.
After a while she told me she suffers from social anxiety, clinical depression and that she has already tried committing suicide a few times. I decided to accept this and kept being there for her.
However, three months ago things took a turn for the worse when i realized that im in love with her. After days of overthinking and hesitating i found the courage to confess to her. She replied by saying that she doesn't want to burden me and can't be in a relationship and that she can't tell me how long it will take till she is ready, which is only natural considering her current mental situation and i told her i would try to wait.
The following weeks and months were a emotional torture for me with many ups and downs. I tried my best to be a good friend to her by dealing with her extreme mood shifts and be as patient as possible but i just couldnt bear it anymore.
This week i told her that i dont feel well and can't cope with the situation anymore, that we both need a break in order to keep the friendship healthy and alive. To this she said that she doesn't know if she will still be there when i recovered, telling me that she is going to cut her wrists and i started panicking so i tried comforting her which only made things worse.
After an hour of argumenting she just blocked my number and since then no contact has been initiated.
Now i dont know if i made the right decision and fear that i destroyed all chances of ever getting back in touch with her since we didn't end on good terms.
What do you guys think about this?
Did I make the wrong decision?
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