If you're chronically single, divorced, or recently broken up, then would you consider remaining Single For Life or single indefinitely?

Or have you decided that you want to remain Single indefinitely already?

If you did, then you're welcome! Maybe we are on the same team or the same boat? LOL

Have any of you feel that relationships, dating, etc. really just don't make a whole lot of sense to you? Or that you feel it really does not matter at all to you anymore?

I mean I really don't think any of us actually "need" a relationship, and since no relationship is ever guaranteed to last, or last long or last forever anyway. It's just one of those things where "your mileage may vary".

If you are somebody that haven't made up your mind yet but still considered it, is there something holding you back? Or is it because you still want to keep trying and see if you end up in a relationship or get at least a date?
Anybody else?


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  • I think most people want or seek a relationship with others. It is unusual if someone seeks to never have a relationship with someone. I think it is so outside of our nature to not have attachments to others that you actively have to push people away for this to be true.

    But if that is what you want, so be it. No judgement from me here.

    However, whether someone is chronically single, divorced or recently broken up, does not mean that they are people that do not want a relationship.

    It is very rare for someone to not want a relationship.

    So what really did you want to know?

    I believe that people that know that they do not want a relationship with another human understand that they are outliers. But your question makes it seem like you think they are shameful of admitting it? Like maybe they do not recognize it in themselves?

    Maybe that is true but I do not believe so. I believe outliers know they are outliers and still do what they want, that is why they are outliers.

    A better question would be, if you do not want human attachment, why do you find yourself on this website which is geared to figuring out human relationships? Now that is an interesting question...:p

    • I guess I am an outlier then? Thanks for the tip! I never liked the idea of attachments, I rather not have any attachments at all if I could. I realized that nothing lasts, people change, they come and go, unexpected things, tragic things are also a variable and they also can result in people coming and going, and thus including relationships coming and going. It's all completely empty to me, nothing is going to last, nothing is ever guaranteed to last, and it will more than likely result in even more pain, miseries and suffering once it's all over and had ended. I feel it is not a need but merely a want, completely from emotions and desires all just to make us feel comfy and to help us cope with the miseries and suffering of loneliness, boredom, etc., for as long as WHILE IT LASTS.

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    • It still doesn't mean that I am completely aromantic asexual although I would VERY MUCH rather be, thus I would not have any desires or attraction, almost like an entirely emotionless robot.

      I remind myself that any attraction and desires that I experienced are all but fallacies and delusions, lust or whatever you want to call it. Completely illusions generated by chemical reactions within our bodies and our brains. Over time, those desires, feelings, infatuations, whatever you want to call them will all ultimately fade away. Typically when the appearances changes on people as physical appearances aren't going to last forever. Otherwise, explain why relationships more often than not do not last or last forever? Explain all the cheating and break ups being common? So I figured no, I will always reject it now, because I realize the reality, the deception coming from the stuff within our bodies and our brains.

    • You are just scared to be close to someone. You are not special and definitely not an outlier.

      You are so scared of being attached that you choose to never get attached. While that is not common, it is not unexpected or surprising either.

      I find it dumb but whatever. It is your life and you get to choose it so if you choose to never feel a connection with another being, so be it.

      But please do not hide yourselves because you fear getting hurt. Getting hurt is part of the process so grow up about it and get over it. That is my advice - you are not built to be alone no matter how much you try to convince yourself or us otherwise. You are built to get hurt and get stronger for it - like the rest of us. :)

      Good luck to ya'...

Most Helpful Guy

  • I used to be the "no relationships" & "MGTOW" type but that was AFTER being so invisible like a ghost 👻 to the women and girls.
    Which has led me to being involuntarily celibate.
    And because of the fact, that no girl ever really liked me even as a friend, Me being a kissless virgin, who never had a girlfriend and has been invisible to the opposite sex, it has only turned out to be for me a 22 year old virgin, who never had those things in his life and thus fits the meaning of being single-for-life.

    It's not like i have chosen it but it is what it is.

    I'm still open to relationships if i get lucky one day because it's coping as you said. Those hormones of mine cause me unrest until i satisfy those needs of mine (being intimate with women). But I'm sure, that i won't bring any more humans into this dominated and enslaved world.

    Anyway as you said it's as important as we see it is. For me specifically i like to live in calmness and peace. I can get that with the right woman or if not then at least i always have porn and fleshlight ready.

    I sure wish it didn't matter to me but nature knows how to punish the celibate.


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  • I haven't decided yet, but that's what's probably going to happen. I never had any luck when it comes to dating and I know the reason why : I'm black and I'm attracted to white guys.
    So, obviously that's a recipe for disaster and it's the main reason why I'm single.
    I guess I can't say that I choose to be single, it's just this problem that stops me from having a boyfriend.
    Well, I also think that no one "needs" to be in a relationship, nobody dies because they're single. However, someone people like to be in relationships, they feel like it's important and others claim it makes them feel complete.
    Relationships still make sense to me, even tough I've never been in one and they still matter to me.
    So, even tough I have no luck with guys, I still want to see if I end up in a relationship. I just won't ask anyone out, that I can't do.


What Guys Said 11

  • I have no desire to be in a relationshit again. They're not enjoyable, they don't benefit me, and they're not mandatory, so I don't do them. All I'm interested in is sex, which is easy to get, so there's no need for a relationshit.

  • I've always wanted a "true love" above all else so what do I gain by giving up my life's greatest dream?

    Giving up is a sign of cowardice.

    • All gain is loss. Anything and even anyone you gain you will not be able keep and hold onto forever. If you have somebody, then you are guaranteed to have somebody to lose. But if relationships or a partner is what you believe in and if you believe that would bring you "fulfillment" or "happiness" then so be it and keep searching for it, good luck! I'm just asking if anyone had considered the possibility of it and learn to live with, because things do happen and people do end up single till the day they die, but once they learn to live with it and accept it for what it is, they don't care anymore or fear or worry about the outcome at all anymore and become free of those burdens of hopelessness, unhappiness, etc.

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    • As long as you're still having fun even if at that point then that's all it really matters lol Most people don't make it to their 90s or beyond though. At that point, past retirement age, you might as well keep busy and have all the fun that you can have because that clock is ticking and time will eventually be up, gotta keep as distracted as possible and occupied as much as possible, more than ever. I've seen people that retire from my work place and within a few months they die, sigh... Most are in their late 60s or in their 70s. Just have fun, there won't be a second time around as far as I can tell.

    • I'm actually already retired due to a great amount of luck. I play Dark Souls 3 a lot with friends and most days I'm pretty happy :D

  • Being single is better than being in a relationship with a shitty person who belittles you for not agreeing with them or kissing their arse.

  • I haven't considered it and I don't plan to consider it yet. It's clear that I'm being unlucky and sometimes I just think it's not gonna happen, but for now it's not my choice.

  • I want to know the experience of having a real girlfriend as I've never had one before, the one I so called dated told me she and this guy was still dating so I told Her I don't want to speak to her anymore

    • well, don't that suck, the ones you are interested are already taken. I think that happened to me once too, could relate somewhat, but then I became disillusioned about it entirely once I've became aware of the scientific and biological chemical explanation with the hormones, and simply because this is necessary to reduce the odds of low birth rates and prevent us from dying out. But the more I think about it I think it's right because of how we perceive somebody else as attractive or "physically" attractive and appealing which results in us desiring them thanks to these hormones, and then the cold hard truth hits me like a bullet in the gut, realizing it's all a lie, a delusion, the physical attractiveness ain't gonna be there forever and last forever. All physical beauty and attractiveness will fade, otherwise explain cheating and infidelity?

    • @lacorine197 It reminded me of a flower, even if it was very pretty and good to look at in the beginning, eventually it becomes all wrinkled up and then it INEVITABLY dies just like everything else, sigh... you get me now bro?

  • MGTOW monk for 16 years and unlikely to change. I do not expect to meet any unicorns.

  • Most people who go for love in their life will be stuck with that shit.

    • I changed my mind this month bro. First i said i want to keep virginity for true love and shit. But now im like fuck it This is Europe everybody is fucking around divorcing and breaking up i will just fuck whenever i want to.

    • Love can be the reason why you're afraid to have it
      Some say it like it means something, others it's a habit
      And some would say it's tragic
      Some say it's beautiful
      Some say it's black and it's dark
      And some would die for it
      Some don't think it's even real
      Some say they understand
      But really don't know how it feels
      Some say that it's alive
      Some say that it can kill
      But most of us that been in it
      Know that sometimes it will
      Conclusion love is Dangerous. Stay away from it!
      -Chase mid 17s

  • Nah. If a girl who's interested in being with me comes along then so be it. If not then not.

    • Does that include even if by the time you make it to 50, 60 or 70 years old or beyond and if your still single by that time, you'd still keep trying no matter what? Sure sounded like it.

    • Depends on what you define as "trying."

      Would I go out of my way? No. But I wouldn't pass the chance if it smiled upon me.

  • I will always be seeking a relationship.

    • And that includes even if you make it to 40, 50, 60 or even 70 or 80 years old and are still single, right? But by the 60s if you're still single then it would probably be the most difficult and 50s are like the deadline, either you get it by then or it's just not ever gonna happen at all. It's still possible to marry and end up in a relationship in 70s or 80s or beyond, as I've heard about them before.

  • I don't think I would remain single.

  • Personally no matter how much I could tell myself it would work, I still always know that I want a relationship and I'd just be pretending otherwise.

    • You meant "Personally no matter how much I could tell myself it would *not* work" right?

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