Why on earth did I dream about my ex and his new girlfriend?

Basically last night I had a dream where I became friends with my exes girlfriend, they were pretty much broken up in my dream and we got friendly and became mates.. it’s weird! Haven’t thought about him for a while.


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  • A better question is how did you feel about the dream did it make you want to think about him

    • Yes that’s why it’s annoying!

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    • Nah! We ended on bad terms aha! And in the dream I hated him.😂

    • Lmao... i had a girlfriend wake up from a dream where i was cheating on her. She was pissed at me for 3 days. I think i even ended up saying sorry.. i wonder how hot the chick was in her dream? I got ripped off! lol and now I was never unfaithful to her and there was never any question about that in reality that's what made it so odd ridiculous but dreams can seem real and emotions are real so if she was that upset about it I just figured she cared about me and look at it and someone of a positive sense I suppose

  • Could just be a random blip of the imagination. It's happened to me.


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